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Lenovo Legion Y540 is one of the gaming laptops that is already on the market and that many people are interested in. It is a continuation of the Lenovo Legion Y530, which has a new 4 chip Intel Core i Gen 9 processor, Core i5-9300H Series 16 / RTX 2060 Series. It also features a thin, lightweight screen edge. With a different design than conventional gaming laptops. The 15.6-inch screen is fully equipped. It guarantees that it will be able to create a new gaming experience for users with ease. It supports both high performance requirements and video editing or 3D rendering, and is priced from $890 USD to $1,400 USD.   The full specifications of the Lenovo Legion Y540 are available in the image above. The screen size is 15.6. The ultra-thin edge of the screen is Full HD resolution. The IPS panel provides beautiful colors and a wide viewing angle. Suitable for work or play. With HD webcam (720p) and built-in digital microphone The connection is complete with USB 3.1 Type C, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, 3 x USB 3.1 Type A, Kensington lock slot, SD card reader, RJ-45, Headset also supports standard wireless connection. Connected as Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi AC (2 × 2) Of course, the warranty is 1 year.

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Lenovo Legion Y540 is further developed from the Lenovo Legion Y530, another 2019 gaming laptop that comes with a difference of a simple design. With a screen size of 15.6 “. Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The panel is a quality IPS with beautiful colors. Ideal for playing games and other entertainment. It is important to note that there is a thin screen edge design as it should be. Compared to the dimension, the device is like a 14 screen laptop, but the reality is 15.6 ″. That results in more convenient portability. Resulting in the overall design of the machine has a small dimension to compact as well. With a thinness of only 25.9 millimeters, weighing 1.3 lb, it is a balanced point in terms of gaming performance AND the ability to carry perfectly with mid-range gaming laptops. It’s not just about value. But I want a good experience. You might think that a lot of people would like to have a notebook for gaming, but they don’t want the game design because you have to use the same device.


Reinforce the design and layout of the device, either the color of the device, choosing to be simple, different from other gaming laptops that focus only on the colors red and black However, heat is a factor that directly affects the performance of the game. With the design of 2 sets of ventilation units, separated between the CPU and the GPU, we work with 4 cooling slots and a fan with more than 70 sheets in each game to drain the heat as fast as possible without causing too much noise. Which still provides good performance.

Lenovo Legion Y540 El material utilizado en el montaje es todo plástico. Al elegir un plástico de alta calidad que le da un buen toque y es duradero, no se raya fácilmente El trabajo de montaje también es de calidad estándar. Para la contraportada, la sensación de la superficie desigual es ligeramente brillante, con un LED blanco en el logotipo de Legion con el logotipo de Y en el interior. La bisagra es un solo eje con un brillo con el logotipo de Y oculto en el borde del eje.


Lenovo Legion Y540 The material used in the assembly is all plastic. By choosing a high quality plastic that gives it a good touch and is durable, it doesn’t scratch easily. The assembly work is also of standard quality. For the back cover, the uneven surface feels slightly shiny, with a white Legion logo LED with the Y logo inside. The hinge is a single-axis with a glossy Y-logo hidden on the edge of the axis.

lenovo y540 pantalla

When trying to use it, give it an impressive level of experience. Whether playing games, watching movies or watching Youtube videos can provide a good entertainment experience. You can say that Lenovo Legion Y540 still maintains the standards of gaming laptops like other models. With a thin screen border and a webcam that moves underneath the screen the use of the view is a bit strange.

Internal Components

Opening the Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop is quite easy. When you unpack, you will see many hardware components, which will be a battery with a capacity of 4955 mAh, to a 2.5-inch SATA storage with M.2 The support is NVMe. These two parts simply unlock the nut and can be upgraded immediately without having to mess with other parts. For the RAM part, you must first remove the cover and then view the RAM. We can upgrade the memory up to 32 GB (in 2 rows).

Lenovo Componentes Internos
Lenovo Componentes Internos


The Lenovo Legion Y540 cooling system has a better flow direction than the original. With the design of 2 sets of ventilation units, separated between the CPU and the GPU, it works with 4 cooling slots and a fan with more than 70 sheets in each set to drain the heat as fast as possible without causing too much noise. The call has changed since the previous version, but will it be better or not?


The Lenovo Legion Y540 is equipped with an Intel Core i Gen 9 processor chip like the Intel Core i7-9750H. It will be a popular model for the second half of 2019, which is a heavy-duty processor chip. It is not a process or game with a processing speed of 2.6 GHz, but can accelerate up to 4.5 GHz to a 6-wire, 12-core CPU with 16GB DDR4 Buss 2666MHz 8GB x 1 internal RAM that can handle the Windows 10 operating system. Enhance the gaming experience. Lenovo Legion Y540 has the latest Intel Core i Gen 9 processor or CPU in this new gaming laptop. It pushes the processing of work or games on this new generation of laptops to the same limits. Like never before a gaming laptop was made. Increase work efficiency by up to 45%, which greatly affects work that requires CPU-intensive processing, such as connecting video OR rendering 3D jobs, etc.

Lenovo Legion y540 CPU Lenovo Legion y540 GPU

Graphic Card

The graphics card is integrated. Intel UHD Graphics 630 has been disabled. Only a separate graphics card such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti should be used (to make the most efficient use without having to switch back and forth) which should be said to be the equivalent level of PC comfort and resilience that the GTX 1060 can feel. The ability to control the frame rate is smooth, with the RTX 2010 secondary, and there are no features like the RTX series, but it also responds to resource-consuming 3D or gaming tasks. Very good


The selected SSD data storage device will be able to quickly and successfully score in the 256GB M.2 NVMe capacity. In terms of tests and in terms of actual usage that are clearly different It can be called to open anything immediately. What should say that the reading speed of approximately 2912MB / sy writing to 1092MB / s, the speed is considered good.



The Lenovo Legion Y540 comes with a battery of approximately 4955 mAh, which is a little less. But when you look at the overall performance of the battery life, it’s okay. You can use the Wi-Fi to surf the web for about 34 hours, which, if you look at the chart, you can see that the Lenovo Legion Y540 .


As for the overall temperature of the device, it is considered that the Lenovo Legion Y540 can do well while playing the game for a long time. This is a game that focuses on the processor chip and the graphics chip. It was found that the temperature levels at various points of the machine will increase very little The point where the highest temperature is at In the middle of the back edge of the machine. But it takes a long time to remove the heat when we use it in general To have two fans with two heat pipes, blown back and Lenovo Cooling Boots technology to help manage. The minimum internal temperature of the machine will be 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, but when it is fully rolled up, you will see that the machine will reach the higher temperature of 96 degrees Celsius. With tests for air-conditioned rooms at 25 degrees Celsius from long games Many successive games The Lenovo Legion Y540 cooling system can be said to have a high temperature. But it doesn’t cause the device to get damaged or play the game. This high temperature was predicted to come from the use of the Intel Core i Gen 9 processor family with the addition of a clock. Generally use as usual. (Like surfing the web, printing jobs, etc.), we will almost never hear the sound of the cooling system at least. It can work quite lightly and quietly. However, as long as we have to use both CPU and GPU (like games), the fan sound will not be too loud. Even if you use the heavy duty To see the updated models and prices click on the image:

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