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7. Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon has come so far since the days of Pallet Town the first game of poken. Sword and Shield delivers everything we’ve loved about the series since the old days in one beautiful package. Of course there has been a lot of Poké rage about the National Pokédex and some other features, but honestly, the game is better off without them.  It made the game feel fresh. Also, the new assault battles are a lot of fun, and the mobile app, Pokémon Home, allows you to transfer Pokémon from all sorts of different places to finish the entire game.

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Sw Pokemon Sword - Nintendo Switch - Standard Edition
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6. Mario Kart 8

For many it is the best version of the saga because now you can have a second box of objects and that makes it much more fun and so many things can happen when you play with your friends, so we can say that is the most complete, funniest and simply the best version. And the best thing is that with the nintendo switch we can play mario kart 8 wherever we want. We can get together with friends to play on one switch or with several consoles! There is also an online mode, where you pay for a subscription to Nintendo and you can compete with people from all over the world. The pistan are amazing and now they look much better.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch - Standard Edition
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5. Animal Crossing New Horizons

Since before its release many people were already waiting for this new version of Animal Crossing and it was not for less, the physical copies of this game were finished after a few minutes not even in Amazon you could find it. And even more with the pandemic many people started playing it and creating their own designs. The formula is very similar to past games but it was innovated, improved and evolved for the better. The incredible thing is that you can have your own island and adapt it to whatever you want.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons - Standard Edition - Nintendo Switch
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4. Mario Maker 2

If you could only buy one game and use it in your whole life I think this would be the best option since users can create their own levels and now you can also create worlds for example you can create your own mario bros 3. You can find levels so difficult that super pro gamers can die tens or hundreds of times before they can pass a level.

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Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch - Standard Edition
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Woow I didn’t really expect much from this game but it’s amazing you can play as mario in 2d and also in 3d. Within the game there are also mini games that are extremely fun. The game’s soundtrack is great and what a finish they put together with the best of the Nintendo switch graphics and an extra ordinary song.

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Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch - Standard Edition
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