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Who has sold the most Consoles? Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Interactive Graphics Leave a comment

We have less than 2 months to go before we have the new generation consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series X  and S, so we started to investigate who has sold the most consoles in total by company and in lowpi price comparison we created several very interesting interactive graphics for see who is the king in sales of home entertainment consoles:

We also have the same information in a treemap graph:


The ranking of video game consoles is as follows:

  1. Sony Playstation – 456 millon
  2. Nintendo – 342 millon
  3. Microsoft Xbox – 160 millon
  4. Sega – 68 millon
  5. Atari – 31 millon
To make the comparison between Xbox and Playsation more fair, what we are going to do is just put the consoles with which they competed with each other, this eliminates play 1:


We can also see the same information in a treemap graph:


As you can see in the graphs Sony Playstation beats Xbox by almost double, now in this new generation Microsoft is putting all the meat on the grill, because it bought Bethesda studios and there are rumors that other companies can buy to make its Game Pass more attractive.