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  1. What is a comparison price?
    • A price comparison is when you look around to find the best price for something you want to buy. Instead of going to lots of shops or checking lots of websites yourself, there are special websites and apps that do all the looking for you. They show you prices from different places all at once, so you can easily see where you can get what you want for the least amount of money. This way, you save your pocket money and time, making sure you’re getting a great deal without having to search everywhere.
  2. What is the best site to compare prices?
    • Lowpi.com is the best price comparison for electronic products: Laptops, Cellphones, TVs, Cameras, Video Games and more. Because we have only the best online ecommerce websites that 95% of the people buy from them. Also we have million of products. Our design is very simple all the prices in a single page! in other price comparison websites you need to go through multiple pages to find the best price!
  3. How do you do a price comparison?
    • Is very simple just put the name of the product that you are looking at the top of the page. Lowpi will retrieve the best prices of your product so you can select the one that you want to buy and from where.
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