Free Amazon Prime Membership

Free Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is a subscription for the website that include multiple services and you can obtain a 30 day free membership. These are the perks that you receive if you are an Amazon Prime member:
  • Free Delivery
  • Amazon Prime Video for movies and series
  • Exclusive Deals for Amazon Prime members
  • You can buy on Amazon Prime Day
  • You can stream millions of songs from Amazon Music
  • Free Games

How to obtain free Amazon Prime Membership Trial?

There are two different trails that you can obtain:
  1. Free Amazon Prime for 30 days 
  2. Free Amazon Prime for 6 months! However this only available for collage students

How much cost the Amazon Prime Membership after the trial expires?

If you Pay monthly $14.99 dollars If you Pay full year: $139 dollars But you can get discount if you are an college student and get it for $7.49 per month Also if you qualify for government assistance the price will be $6.99 per month Amazon Prime Free Delivery

Can I apply again? If I already have a trial of the Amazon Prime

If you already have  use your trial of Amazon Prime Membership in the previous 12 months you cannot apply again, however if you finished your trial 12 months ago then you can apply again if the option is available in your account.

Amazon Prime Student Also includes the following:

  • LinkedIn Premium for 6 months free.
  • Movies and shows for only $0.99 per month
  • Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 per month
  • Kindle unlimited for 2 months

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime membership before it expires? so that I am not charged

Yes you can cancel your membership but need to be before the end of the free 30 days. One important note is that if you cancel before your 30 days you can still use your membership.

One thing you should never do on Amazon Prime Trials

Don’t create multiple accounts to obtain free membership because you will get banned.
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